Rex Howland-Lodge

June 1994 - Christmas day, 2004

Rex with Janel Rexie was only with us for a short time, but oh what an impression he made on everyone he met! Rescued from DogWorks, who specialize in Dobermans, Rex was the official "racedog." With Sierra, they stood dutifully by the team area, never missing an opportunity to "cheer" us on as we raced by.
When Rex first arrived in Santa Cruz, he couldn't possibly have known what was coming next. He had been dealt a pretty tough hand in his early years, and just needed a loving family to enjoy his twilight years with. The first time we let Rex explore his new surroundings, it became clear from his uncertainty, that he had never set foot on a beach before. The sand, the water, the waves, and most of all- the sea gulls! The moment his paws touched his new world, he was forever changed. And in true Rex fashion, he never looked back. Rex's harbor and Aranna Gulch walks became the light and joy of his days with us.
We want to thank each and every one of you, our own "village of a 100," for helping us to give Rex the life and most importantly, the love, that he so rightfully deserved. He was an amazing example to us all in his perseverance, and sheer joy of simple pleasures. Our hope is for you all to know the happiness that we knew with Rex, in your own lives.