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Janel started her athletic career in jr. high running track and cross country. Her talent quickly established her among the best in the state by the time she was running full time in high school, and she was routinely winning events throughout her 20's from one end of California to the other.
Janel later discovered the joys of multi-sport events and turned to triathlon, spending the next 11 yrs. racing mostly Olympic distance as well as Sprint distance events. At this time Janel gave a lot of her time to mentor women with breast cancer, doing many events 'several' times as she would finish her own race, and then make sure she was running in the last mile or so with her many 'students.'
Janel started racing exclusively in the discipline of cycling on the road in 1997, but found the sport of cyclocross by 1998. Her toughness, discipline, and keen running skills catapulted her to the top of that sport, where she won the women's 35+B division in the demanding Surf City series in Santa Cruz, CA.
Janel upgraded herself to the 'A' division and her results shined brightly there too, when she netted 4th overall in both 2000 and 2001 at Surf City.
After a brief reprieve from racing in '02, Janel landed a spot in the BMR family, and quickly adopted the team's winning ways by clinching the overall title in the Central Coast mountain bike series in Monterey, CA in '03. Firmly entrenched in the team's culture now, Janel is a consistent podium finisher in both the mountain bike and cyclocross disciplines. Together with her new teammate Trina, the Blackmarket Racing one-two punch played out at many events in '05, as the women were consistently pushing each other to the top steps of the podium race after race.

May 6th, 2006
Janel has just been diagnosed with stage 2 ovarian cancer. Due to her excellent health and positive attitude, her prognosis is fairly good, but she will have to undergo more surgery, and a full schedule of chemotherapy. We hope to have her back on her bike, albeit in a limited capacity, near the end of the year. The outpouring of support has been overwhelming and wonderful. Please keep her in your thoughts and know that she has the very best care and the support of her family, friends, and team mates surrounding her.

July 3rd, 2006
Janel is still recovering from her second surgery. This surgery was a "second look" procedure to both make sure they got everything they were looking for the first time, and sample lymph nodes to assess the ultimate spread of the disease. The good news is that there is no further spread of the cancer, and her official staging will remain at stage 2c. Janel will start her chemotherapy on July 17th, and will receive her treatments once every three weeks.
We want to thank you all for your amazing support during these past stressful two months. We are optimistic about the outcome, and with all the wonderful people offering unwavering support, it makes each day easier to endure. Thank You!!

September 3rd, 2006
Janel is officially half way through her chemo treatments. Her first two treatments weren't too horrific, but this third one left her feeling pretty sick. The first week after seems to be the worst, with the following two weeks easing off a bit. Janel has been getting out for some easy walk-jog sessions, as well as a couple easy bike rides on her better days. We are optimistic about her getting to race her bike near the end of the year. All else seems to be going pretty well.
Thanks for reading.

November 9th, 2006
Janel received her last chemo treatment on Monday, October 30th. She is feeling strong, and had only minimal adverse symptoms. She will not have to have any radiation therapy, but will have follow-up tests/scans every three months. Janel is targeting the Central Coast cyclocross #3 as her comeback event, on November 26th. Her objective is to simply get back out there for some fun, as she slowly builds back her strength and racing form. Thank you to all those that have made this difficult experience more bareable. See you at the races!

March 1st, 2007
Janel is back to work and continuing to build her strength. She is probably at about 85% of full strength, and getting stronger each month. She successfully completed 6 cyclocross races, and got stronger with each event. Janel will start her 2007 mountain bike campaign with this weekend's CCCX series #3 event in Monterey, CA. It's no mystery that Janel's racing, fitness, and toughness helped bring her back to such good health so quickly, after such a serious duo of surgeries, and debilitating chemotherapy. Janel has been an inspiration to all women who have suffered similar circumstances. Thank you for your support over the difficult past 12 months.

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