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Mark Brown

Mark at his shop

Mark has been interested in music and the requisite tools of the trade since high school. That passion and attention to detail landed him a covetted job with the Doobie Brothers in 1972 (yes, those Doobie Brothers...). Mark worked and toured the world for the Doobies until 1984 when he took a year off to decompress from the rigors of living out of a suitcase. Mark then started working on guitars out of his garage while taking up cycling as a way to de-stress. During this time Mark worked for Westwood music in Westwood,CA in the daytime and did tech work at night for Robin Ford and Joe Ealy.

Mark lept into the fray though, when he opened his own shop in 1994 in Campbell, CA. Utilizing the years of knowledge he had acquired in the previous two decades, Mark specializes in any and all types of guitar repair, as well as unparalleled custom work. If it has strings, chances are that Mark can work magic on it. The Doobie Brothers lured Mark out of touring-retirement right after he opened his shop, and he was able to travel to Japan for one last swan-song as a professional road tech.

Mark's name is synonymous with professionalism and attention to detail at the highest level, and this is proven time and time again when many big named bands come to town, and call upon Mark for his technical services. Mark could be doing a fret job on one of The Edge's (U2) guitars one day, and gluing together an electric violin for Fleetwood Mac the next! Don't believe me? Come on down and check it out for yourself.

For information or service on your quality stringed instrument, contact Mark at:

Mark's Guitar Repair
279 Dillon Ave.
Suite 4
Campbell, CA 95008
Phone: 408-378-6007

Mark at his workshop in Campbell, CA.

Mark Brown circa 70's
Fine tuning for the Doobie Brothers, circa 1970's

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