$3,200 Average cost of just one race-level bike (two needed for cross).

7Average number of water bottles to mysteriously disappear per season.

30 Average number of events attended in a season ( can be as high as 45!). $49.99 The cheapest Motel 6 you can find in our area.
1920 Average number of ounces of sticky, carbohydrate drink consumed at races during a season. $90 Average cost of high- end tubular racing tire for cyclocross (hopefully you can get a half season out of it). 17 Pieces of clothing that will never, ever come clean again, after just one season racing cyclocross. $2500 Average cost of sending just one of us to Belgium for the World Cross Championships- on the cheap!

These are but a few of the many costs involved with racing bikes at a higher level. Everything seems to add up to an astonishing figure by the end of the season. But of course, if you've stayed in the sport for any length of time, you realize it was never about the money. It was about pursuing a passion that only like-minded people could even remotely comprehend.

Whether you own a company, or are simply a cycling enthusiast, there is a way for you to be involved with Blackmarket Racing. Advantages to sponsoring a team such as ours include, but are certainly not limited to:

International exposure of your product or support: We are again planning our pilgrimage back to the father-land of cross, Belgium, for the Masters World Cyclocross Championships. We garnered a lot of special attention last year from race officials and fans alike. Being there as a group from one team helped us more effectively earn a lot of air time on the race PA, which in turn, allowed us to promote our team's special efforts to get to a race of World Championship stature.

National/Regional exposure of your product or support: We are one of the most consistent teams out there, garnering more podium time than most any other smaller team around. Please visit our results page to see more.

Interactive marketing: Instead of spending a lot of money on ads or space in publications that can easily go unnoticed, you essentially have walking and talking billboards for your product or services with Blackmarket Racing. Word of mouth, especially from a respected member of the racing peloton, is still the best form of promotion anywhere.

See how the game is played up close and personal: Our team is personable and approachable at races. Our team booth is often a hub of activity as racers get ready or cool down from their events. This makes us more effective to accomplish the "interactive marketing" concept mentioned above. We "talk up" everything from the equipment we depend on, to the best pre-race carbo drink for competition. We love details, and share our passion with other enthusiasts (...potential customers to you...!)

Be part of something unique: Our team is just a little different from other teams out there. Riders are handpicked for their attitudes first, results second. As you can see from our results page, one usually begets the other. We are truly a family that enjoy being together, and working hard to achieve personal and team goals. Maybe your inclination regarding sponsorship is simply to be a part of our "program," or to help us achieve something that you also happen to believe in.

Many people want to know about sponsoring a team such as ours. As you can plainly see, we use everything from straight-up cash, to products, to services. Anything that takes the edge off what would be considered a "normal operating expense" is a viable form of sponsorship.
If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of our team, and it's exciting cast of individual personalities, please contact us here. We can often tailor a sponsorship package to your company's specific marketing needs.

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