Dear BMR sponsors,

It sure is nice to start something, have it go well at first, wonder the whole time if it will continue or not, only to find out that you have the momentum to maintain your upward trajectory. This is pretty much how the Central Coast series went for me. It was unusual to win a few early on, but while I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop, I held on to win the series. The single speed category is sort of the sleeper category. You never really know who'll show up, and who'll be on form. The SS class at CCCX proved to be the most closely contested category of the series, with the two main protagonists heading into the final race tied on points, with the whole enchilada on the line. Thank you to all of my close friends who told me I would seal the deal, even when I wasn't so sure.

Bruce again showed his consistency and dedication to the team by making the long drive from Tuolumne from the very first series event, only to miss a race or two while defending California from it's worst fire season in decades. Bruce was poised to climb a spot or two in the series finale, but suffered a major mechanical failure far from the starting area, forging ahead on foot for the better part of a lap. A complete bike change (the supreme tech. zone experience) was the only thing to keep him in the race to secure a hard-won 4th place overall in the series, despite finishing well behind on the day.
Despite missing several events due to school, Janel earned 5th place overall in series.

Janel and I threw down some coin on a lark to take part in the local 4th of July 10K run. OK, OK, I admit it, we only did it for the camaraderie and the included pancake breakfast, but it still counts, right? By the second heaping helping of pancakes and sausage, the dull ache in the legs was starting to subside, giving way to the haze brought on by the post-chow insulin rush. Nirvana!

Tim showed us why he is one of the best handlers in the game, with a super solid 10th place at the uber-technical Downieville Classic mountain bike race.

Edwin and Trina got some heavy training in with local stops at Central California's Sisquoc road race, and San Luis Obispo criterium.

We are in the final preparation stages for the rapidly approaching '08/'09 cyclocross season. We will start our campaign at the early season Livermore CX series races, held at the Robertson Park Rodeo grounds in Livermore, CA. Cross in 90+degree heat- you've gotta' love it!

Thank you all for your continued support of Blackmarket Racing.

Mark "Howie" Howland
Team Director
Blackmarket Racing

Early Summer '08 race results:

Elite Masters 35+:

Mark Howland 29 June Central Coast CX MTB overall series (SS) 1st
Mark 29 June CCCX MTB final (SS) 1st
Mark 01 June CCCX MTB #7 (SS) 1st
Mark 24 May CCCX MTB #6 (SS) 2nd
Mark 15 June CCCX MTB #8 (SS) 2nd
Mark 17 May NMBS- Santa Ynez National 6th
Tim Thompson 12 July Downieville Classic 10th
Mark 04 July Firecracker 10K 13th

Elite Masters 45+:

Bruce Lodge 01 June CCCX MTB #7 4th
Bruce 29 June CCCX MTB overall series 4th
Bruce 24 May CCCX MTB #6 5th
Bruce 29 June CCCX MTB series final 9th
Edwin Rambuski 20 July San Luis Obispo Criterium 13th
Edwin 19 July Sisquoc RR 23rd

Elite Masters Women:

Janel Lodge 29 June CCCX MTB overall series 5th
Janel 04 July Firecracker 10K 6th

bruce & howie

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