Dear BMR sponsors,

Some part of me is feeling like this is a bit of deja' vu, because I'm about to say pretty much the same thing I've said for the past three seasons in this first installment of our new cyclocross season's results. But then again, I guess there are worse things I could be worrying about at the moment. And with 10 victories within the team in the first month of racing, "this is the finest start to a cross season the team has ever had!" There, I said it. And I couldn't be more excited or proud of the team.

As always, "the journey of a 1000 miles begins with the first step," and these first steps into our 2008/'09 cross campaign are just the beginning to set the tone and mood in the team for a successful end-of-the-season, culminating in a best ever (hopefully....) batch of results in our trip to the Masters Cross World Championships in Mol, Belgium. Yes, we are already thinking that far ahead, but at the same time, being careful with the process in the here-and-now.

Enough of the fluff. Our latest batch of results speak for themselves. Enjoy, and thanks for reading.

Thank you all for your continued support of Blackmarket Racing.

Mark "Howie" Howland
Team Director
Blackmarket Racing

September '08 CX race results:

Elite Masters 35+:

Mark Howland 06 Sept. LARPD CX #1 1st
Mark 13 Sept. LARPD CX #2 1st
Mark 21 Sept. Central Coast CX series #1 2nd
Mark 28 Sept. CCCX #2 4th
Tim Thompson 27 Sept. Lion of Fairfax CX (Pro-Am) 5th
Tim 28 Sept. CCCX #2 5th
Mark 31 Aug. Dunnigan Hills RR 10th
Mark 24 Aug. UCSC Circuit race 12th
Mark 16 Aug. Winters RR 17th
Tim 21 Sept. CCCX #1 18th

Elite Masters 45+:

Mark Abele 13 Sept. LARPD CX #1 1st
Edwin Rambuski 27 Sept. Buckhill CX, Mecklenburg, NY 1st
Edwin 28 Sept. Baer & Assoc. CX, Concord, NY 1st
Mark 21 Sept. CCCX #1 4th
Mark 28 Sept. CCCX #2 4th
Edwin 21 Sept. CCCX #1 10th
Bruce Lodge (45+B) 13 Sept. LARPD #1 6th
Bruce 28 Sept. CCCX #2 6th
Bruce 21 Sept. CCCX #1 7th

Elite Masters Women:

Janel Lodge 06 Sept. LARPD #1 1st
Janel 13 Sept. LARPD #2 1st
Janel 28 Sept. CCCX #2 1st
Trina Baumsteiger 27 Sept. Buckhill CX, Mecklenburg, NY (Pro-Am) 1st
Trina 28 Sept. Baer & Assoc. CX, Concord, NY (Pro-Am) 1st
Janel 21 Sept. CCCX #1 2nd
Trina 21 Sept. CCCX #1 (Pro-Am) 4th

janie podium

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