Dear BMR sponsors,

The team is really on a roll now. With addition of Mark Abele, we now have two riders in each of the Elite 35+ race, the Elite 45+ race, and representation in the women's categories. Everyone has someone to work with and fall back on in the heat of the event, taking the pressure off any one rider to show for our sponsors.

I was finally able to crack the code, and find a small chink in the armor of the California Gaint Strawberry juggernaut to seal the deal at CCCX #3. Janel had a breakthrough ride on her new cross sled to nearly win the Velo Bella/Surf City psycho cross Halloween event in the 35+ women's race. Trina is consistently knocking on the door of the top 3 in the Elite Women's events. Bruce has been chained to a fire in Southern California for the past two weeks.

All in all, the team is having a spectacular season. We look forward the the next Bay Area Super Prestige event at McLaren Park, near the Cow Palace in San Francisco, where most, if not all of the Blackmarket contingent should be whipping up the pace at the front of their respective groups.

Thank you all for your continued support of Blackmarket Racing.

Mark "Howie" Howland
Team Director
Blackmarket Racing

October Cross '07 race results:

Elite Masters 35+:

Mark Howland 13 Oct. Central Coast CX series #3 1st
Mark 28 Oct. Surf City-Velo Bella Halloween CX 4th
Mark 07 Oct. Bay Area Super Prestige #1 5th
Tim Thompson 14 Oct. Sacramento CX series (Pro-Am) 7th
Tim 07 Oct. BASP #1 8th
Tim 21 Oct. BASP #2 10th
Tim 28 Oct. Surf City-Velo Bella Halloween CX 12th

Elite Masters 45+:

Mark Abele 21 Oct. BASP CX #2 4th
Edwin Rambuski 14 Oct. Sac. CX series 6th
Edwin 21 Oct. BASP CX #2 7th
Edwin 28 Oct. Surf City-Velo Bella Halloween CX 9th
Edwin 07 Oct. BASP CX #1 23rd
Bruce Lodge 45+B 07 Oct. BASP CX #1 13th
Bruce 21 Oct. BASP CX #2 15th

Elite Masters Women:

Janel Lodge 28 Oct. Surf City-Velo Bella Halloween CX 2nd
Janel 13 Oct. CCCX series #3 4th
Trina Baumsteiger 21 Oct. BASP CX #2 (Pro-Am) 4th
Trina 28 Oct. Surf City-Velo Bella Halloween CX (Pro-Am) 5th
Janel 07 Oct. BASP CX #1 7th
Trina 07 Oct. BASP CX #1 (Pro-Am) 8th

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