Dear BMR sponsors,

We are into the meat of the cross season now. Race officials have announced our district championships to coincide with the final Bay Area Superprestige Series race. Known for it's infamous beach-front run, lung-busting climbs, and treacherous descents, Coyote Point has been the crucible by which all other cross courses in NorCal are measured.
Come and watch the fireworks December 3rd, as Blackmarket Racing and NorCal's cyclocross best, clash in what will surely be the season's "heaviest" regional event.
Special mention this month for Trina finally cracking the top 5 in women's elite competition this past weekend, at the Bay Area Superprestige's Golden Gate Park event. The course's technical, demanding nature made this the perfect venue for Trina to have a breakthrough ride. Congratulations!

Thank you all for your continued support of Blackmarket Racing.

Mark "Howie" Howland
Team Director
Blackmarket Racing

Cyclocross 2006 race results:

Elite Masters 35+:

Pat Schott 05 November Bay Area Superprestige Single Speed 2nd
Pat 19 November BASP #4 SS 2nd
Mark Howland 22 October BASP #2 4th
Mark 19 November BASP #4 4th
Mark 05 November BASP #3 5th
Mark 29 October Surf City Series #2 7th
Pat 29 October Surf City Series #2 18th
Greg Phipps 29 October Surf City Series #2 27th
Greg 05 November BASP #3 33rd

Elite Masters 45+:

Edwin Rambuski 29 October Surf City Series #2 8th
Edwin 22 October BASP #2 10th
Edwin 05 November BASP #3 11th
Edwin 19 November BASP #4 11th
Bruce Lodge 45(B) 22 October BASP #2 16th

Elite Masters Women:

Katrina Baumsteiger 19 November BASP #4 (Elite) 5th
Trina 29 October Surf City Series #2 (Elite) 6th
Trina 05 November BASP #3 (Elite) 7th
Trina 22 October BASP #2 (Elite) 9th

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