Dear BMR sponsors,

December saw us wrap up our biggest and most prestigious series at the infamous Coyote Point course in San Mateo, putting an end to some pretty hard fought battles waged in the Bay Area Superprestige series. Janel held on to win one of the biggest prizes of the season, with the overall title in the Master women's category, despite two crashes on the treacherous circuit. Timmy was again the star of the 35+ men's field with an astoundingly good ride against all the boys tapering for the US national championships, held one week later, to secure a solid 3rd on the day, and 4th overall in the series. The rest of the team put in solid rides to cap off the day, in technically demanding conditions.

The 6th race of the Central Coast CX series was very kind to the Blackmarket racers. Both Tim Thompson and Mark Abele overcame tough fields on the day, to secure victories in our second largest regional series. The remainder of the black-and-white militia put in a good day's work, and finished in the top 5.

Several of the team made appearances at the LARPD series in Livermore, technically optional on our busy schedules, for the final two races of that series. Janel and myself secured wins in the final race of that series to secure the overall titles for our consistent efforts. Bruce and Edwin made guest appearances at the finals, and both had hard-earned rides for the day, despite having to race the next day at the Peak series here in Santa Cruz.

The final preparations are complete for our team's biggest event of the year, the Masters World Cyclocross Championships, held in Mol, Belgium. We will race the CCCX series final this weekend, and then pack up the bikes and head over the pond in the big aluminum tube. We all have different ambitions throughout the long and arduous CX season. But not once did we forget as individuals, or as a team, what we were suffering for. We've had our "eyes on the prize" all season for this very moment. That moment is upon us now. We are well trained and well raced. Our form is polished to a glimmering shine. Please wish us luck in this difficult endeavor, for in cyclocross, there is nothing harder than racing Belgians in Belgium. Thank you for all of the ways you have supported us throughout this season.

Happy New Year!

Thank you all for your continued support of Blackmarket Racing.

Mark "Howie" Howland
Team Director
Blackmarket Racing

December '08 CX race results:

Elite Masters 35+:

Mark Howland 13 Dec. LARPD CX #8 1st
Tim Thompson 14 Dec. Central Coast CX #6 1st
Mark 20 Dec. LARPD CX #9, Final 1st
Mark 20 Dec. LARPD CX overall series 1st
Tim 07 Dec. Bay Area Superprestige CX finals 3rd
Tim 07 Dec. BASP CX overall series 4th
Mark 14 Dec. CCCX #6 5th
Mark 21 Dec. Peak Season CX #1 7th
Mark 07 Dec. BASP CX overall series 8th
Mark 07 Dec. BASP CX finals 10th

Elite Masters 45+:

Mark Abele 14 Dec. CCCX #6 1st
Edwin Rambuski 20 Dec. LARPD CX finals 3rd
Edwin 21 Dec. Peak Season CX #1 6th
Mark 07 Dec. BASP CX finals 7th
Edwin 07 Dec. BASP CX finals 9th
Mark 07 Dec. BASP CX overall series 10th
Edwin 07 Dec. BASP CX overall series 11th
Bruce Lodge (45+B) 14 Dec. CCCX #6 4th
Bruce 20 Dec. LARPD finals (category A) 7th
Bruce 07 Dec. BASP CX finals 19th

Elite Masters Women:

Janel Lodge 07 Dec. BASP overall series 1st
Janel 13 Dec. LARPD #8 1st
Janel 20 Dec. LARPD final 1st
Janel 20 Dec. LARPD overall series 1st
Janel 21 Dec. Peak Season CX #1 (Pro-Am) 2nd
Janel 07 Dec. BASP CX finals 4th
Janel 14 Dec. CCCX #6 (Pro-Am) 4th
Trina Baumsteiger 07 Dec. BASP CX overall series (Pro-Am) 5th
Trina 07 Dec. BASP CX finals (Pro-Am) 6th

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