Indoor cyclocross, Belgian style!

We were treated to a rare event in this night-time spectacle. It was Belgium's first ever indoor cyclocross. Take a large arena the size of our local Cow Palace; truck in several cubic tons of fresh, damp farm soil and construction sand; pack it down neatly into a serpentine circuit of twisting hairpins; complete the package with the requisite elevated ramped fly-overs, and viola! You have an event fit for any rabid Belgian cyclocross fan. You know how at some euro-cross races they have a nice beer tent in one section of the circuit for the fans to congregate, swapping lies and favorites? Well, this was like having the entire race inside a huge beer tent. Complete with booming, carnival-style music and concert lights. Think Belgian cross meets Mardi Gras, and you start to get the picture.
Niels Albert made the attack that only Sven Nys could follow, and it came down to a duel between the old guard and the under 23 Belgian champion. In the end, a sharp attack and a superbly ridden Zandstraat (long sand section) sealed the young champion's fate, with Nys convincingly taking the win in front of a partisan crowd.
A spectacle indeed!

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